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Anonymous asked:

While A:TLA is probably one of the most feminist tv shows out there, what do you think are the top 10 most feminist moments? I'm just curious.



You would be spot on with that assertion. Not only does ATLA master Bechdel bending it’s has fantastic female role models of all persuasions. 

Top 10 feminist moments in ATLA! 

#10. Ladies Showing Off Their Skills


If there is one thing ATLA is overflowing with, it’s ladies absolutely walloping the shit out of everyone. Nothing says gender equality like breaking people’s bones. And while there were many exceptional fights involving ladies, Suki channeling her inner spider-man is a definite highlight. Plus she made Sokka really hot while doing it. 

#9. Ladies Performing The Ultimate Sacrifice 


Yue’s sacrifice in the season 1 finale is one of the most outstanding moments of the entire series. Excellently foreshadowed, emotionally poignant and above all heroic. Up until that point her narrative arc had been rather traditional and romance focused, but in her final moments it completely transcends that as she makes the noble decision to give her life back. It’s heartbreaking and she’s rightly remembered throughout the series for the choice she makes. 

#8. Ladies Outsmart Everyone  


Politics is more often that not dominated by men, but that doesn’t mean they are better at it. It’s a fabulous moment in the series where two villains face off, and there was only ever going to be one winner. Azula absolutely wiped the floor with Long Feng with her superior cunning, wit and ruthlessness. In return she gets control of an army of well dressed men. Oh and it should be mentioned that it took men 100 years to try and defeat Ba Sing Se, Azula does it in less than a week. You go, gurl. 

#7. Ladies Choosing Their Romantic Destiny 


This may seem an odd choice for one of the most feminist moments, but I actually think it’s crucial. So many people completely misinterpret this scene and write if off as ‘The Hero Getting The Girl!’ It implies that Katara is a prize and has no agency in this decision. Utterly and completely missing the point. Katara makes a big statement in 3x17 about how she and Aang are not ready for a relationship with a war going on and that he should back off. Aang respects this decision and promptly gets lost (literally, actually). When the war is done Katara turns up on that balcony and makes the clear decision that she wants him. She initiates the kiss. They make a massive point of this on the DVD commentary about how it’s Katara that properly starts their relationship. It sends a great signal that ladies should operate on their own romantic schedules and that if the dudes worth it, he’ll still be there. 

#6. Ladies Beating Up Fully Grown Men


What is more feminist than a 12 year blind old girl emasculating and then promptly beating the shit out of a fully grown man. Nothing I tell you. Nothing. 

#5. Ladies Defying Gender Norms And Expectations 


There’s a whole lot of this in ATLA of course, but one of my favourite moments is Kyoshi’s whole philosophical attitude. It’s really unconventional for a hardline consequentialist philosophy to come from a woman. Avatar Kyoshi is just a brilliantly fascinating character that show upmost conviction in her beliefs and fulfills them with great assurance. Her speech about killing Chin the Conqueror and what that meant to her is a lesson in great character writing. Plus she’s the oldest ever Avatar, ladies represent. 

#4. Ladies Having Excellent Friendships 


So many outstanding female friendships in this show, all with different dynamics and nuances. And while the relationship between the Azula/Ty Lee/Mai is fascinating, I think the interaction between Toph and Katara is in the end obviously more satisfying. They represent polar opposites in terms of gender norms. Katara with her traditional girly tendencies, while Toph with her far more masculine rough approach. They clash over their perceived differences but in the end they find common ground over mutual admiration for each other’s strengths. 

#3. Ladies Being Both Girls And Warriors


If there was a tagline for ATLA’s feminism, this would be it. It’s a complete inversion of the pervasive line of thinking that warriors have to be masculine. ATLA was fantastic at showing that being a girl and being a warrior are not mutually exclusive. 

#2. Ladies Being Dangerous 


The Dangerous Ladies are everything that I could have wanted and more. An elite hit squad filled with intricate and well written ladies that have hugely satisfying individual and cumulative plot lines. Not only do they beat virtually everyone they come up against, they always to do it with such style and great punch lines. “Don’t you know fans just makes flames stronger?” or of course Mai’s eternal classic, “Oh well, victory is boring.” The Dangerous Ladies might not have won in the end, but they certainly made a fantastic team. 

#1. Ladies Fighting Patriarchy 


A defining moment in Katara’s character arc and the series as a whole. The whole of season one had built up to Aang and Katara finding a powerful Waterbending Master, only to realize they were trapped in a society that had institutional sexism. Despite her male peers telling her to find another solution, Katara takes matters into her own hands. What follows is nothing less than a sensational battle where Katara proves definitively that actions speak louder than words. It’s a groundbreaking moment in the series, both highlighting that the “good” guys are not always that good and equally that change can come despite the odds. 

live-action modern day “the lion king”
NEW YORK, 1960s. The civil rights movement reaches its crest. Mufasa, a prominent activist leader in the city, clashes against his younger brother Scar, himself a prominent leader of the mafia underground. Politics against politics, brother against brother; Mufasa dies, Scar reigns. A new law governs New York in the 70s: blood and bribery.

Idris Elba as Mufasa, Michael K. Williams as Scar, Naomie Harris as Sarabi, Jaden Smith as Young Simba, Amandla Stenberg as Young Nala (not giffed), Taraji P. Henson as Timon, Mo’Nique as Pumbaa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Older Simba, Kerry Washington as Older Nala, John Boyega as Kovu, Zoe Kravitz as Kiara.

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Bunny Story

In the center of the forest, there lived a rabbit.  She was an adventurous little rascal by the name of Jenny Bunny.  Jenny loved to frolic in the meadow along the brook.  She would dart along the side chasing the fish as they swam by.

                One day as Jenny made her way down to the brook, her excitement bubbly over with each passing step, she came across a sad looking squirrel.  The squirrel had his face buried in his arms and Jenny could hear the squirrel crying, “Why does nobody like me.  I want just one friend.”  Now Jenny didn’t like to see anyone sad, so she decided to try and cheer this squirrel up.  She ran over to him and sat right next to him.

                Jenny exclaimed, “Hi!  What is your name?”

                The squirrel looked up from his hand, for he had not noticed Jenny had sat beside him.  The squirrel quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and stuttered, “M…my name is Reginald.”

                With a big smile, Jenny jumps to her feet extending her hand and announces, “Hi Reg, I’m Jenny.  It is so very nice to meet you.”

                Reginald, startled by Jenny’s approach, hesitated in shaking her hand.  When Jenny saw that Reginald was reluctant to accept her hand shake, she chuckled and said, “It’s ok, I don’t bite,” and she grabs his hand and shakes it fervently.

                Reginald began to smile as his head bobbed from the enthusiasm from Jenny’s hand shake.

                After Jenny’s finished her handshake, she began to pull Reginald toward the brook saying, “He Reg, I have a great idea.  Let’s go down to the brook and chase the fish as they go zipping by.  I always do that when I have a chance.  It is my favorite thing to do.”

                Reginald stops and looks at Jenny puzzled.  He asks, “You want to go to the b…brook with me.  You mean you want to…play with me?”

                Jenny tugs on his arm again saying, “Of course, silly.  I don’t have anyone else’s arm now do I.  Now come on.”

                Reginald’s face lights up like the 4th of July.  He quickens his pace, eventually passing Jenny.  Jenny laughs, releases Reginald’s arm and dashes toward the brook.  Reginald follows suit and matches Jenny stride for stride. 

                They arrive at the brook, both panting at the pace used to get to the brook.  They look at each other and burst into laughter.  Jenny and Reginald fall down rolling as the laughter continues.   As they sit up and the laughter subsides, Jenny’s gaze shifts from Reginald to the brook.  Her eyes shimmer like sunshine off the early morning dew.  A fish jumps out of the brook, spinning completely around before landing back in the water.  Jenny takes this as a challenge.

                She jumps to her feet yelling, “You won’t beat me, little fishy,” and darts alongside the brook.  She pumps her feet as fast as they will take her.  She catches up to the fish, looks over and it and smiles.  She dashes past a tree and jumps into the air.

                “Take that fish.  I beat you,” Jenny sighs as she tries to regain her breath.  Reginald catches up to Jenny and stares at amazement.  “Wow Jenny, you are really fast.  That fish didn’t stand a chance.”

                Jenny’s grin, her face becomes flush as she says, “Daw shucks.  It’s nothin’.  Why don’t you give it a try?”

                Reginald says, “Ok, here goes nothing.”

                Reginald waits patiently for a fish to issue the challenge, a silence cover the water.  His eyes comb the surface.

                A fish jumps.

                Reginald reacts quicker than his feet were ready for causing him to trip.  Jenny winces and yells, “You can do it Reg.”  Reginald regains his balance and races beside the brook.  Reginald hears his feet thumping along the ground with each stride.  “Faster and faster,” he thinks as the race continues.  “Faster and faster, can’t let Jenny down,” he looks over to see that he has caught up to the fish.  Reginald closes his eyes and lunges forward.


                Reginald comes to an abrupt halt.  He falls to his back, his eyes disoriented from the blow.  He hears Jenny calling out to him.  She grows louder and louder until she is face to face with him, “Reginald, are you ok?”  He sits up, shakes his head and says,”Yeah, Jenny I’m fine.”

                From behind Jenny comes a thunderous voice, “Did you say Regi-loser?”   Jenny turns around as Reginald’s focus slides over to see a bear cub slouched over.

                Reginald stiffens up and begins to shake.  His eyes become watered and all of the joy escapes his face.  Jenny turns back Reginald with a puzzled look on her face.  The cub climbs to his feet, turning to face Jenny and Reginald.  “So this is where you ran off to Regi-loser.  I thought I told you to stay away from my forest.  I own this forest because I am the strongest animal in the forest.”  The cub towered over the two friends.  Jenny pops right up and says, “And what might your name be, mister ‘strongest animal in the forest’?”

                The cub growls, “I am Walter, the biggest and baddest animal in the forest.  I am the best.”

                Jenny snickers.  “So just how strong are you?” 

                Reginald taps Jenny on the shoulder and whispers, “Let’s get out of here.  He is just going to pick on me some more.”

                Jenny shakes her head, “No, Wally here just needs a friend.  Let’s be that friend.”

                Jenny turns back to Walter and says, “Are you strong enough to throw that rock?”  Jenny points to a boulder twice the size of Jenny and Reginald.  Walter smirks, “With ease.”   Walter walks over to the boulder, lifting high above his shoulders and hurls it as far as he can in the brook.  Walter turns to Jenny and Reginald flexing his muscles and letting out a grunt in the process.

                Jenny smiles and claps, “That was amazing.  You are really strong.  Isn’t he Reg?”  Reginald, still cowering behind Jenny nods.  Confident, Walter saunters over to an even bigger rock and tosses that into the brook.  Jenny lets out a “Woo.”  Walter is no beaming from ear to ear.  He decides to find a boulder twice his size.  He bends over and pulls with all his might.  He gets the boulder about a foot off of the ground.  He inches toward the brook.  Each step hits the ground with a loud thud.  With the boulder in the way, Walter did not see the rock in his path.  As he takes his step, his ankle twists.  Walter yelps in pain and drops the boulder on the ground.  Walter begins to cry from the pain.  Jenny shoots up and rushes to Walter’s side.  Reginald raises his head to see but does not move.

                Jenny arrives next to Walter, “Are you ok?  Where does it hurt?”

                Walter whimpers, “My foot.  My foot hurts so bad.”  Jenny looks at Walter’s foot which has already begun to swell.  She frantically looks around in the trees.  After a moment her gaze stops on tree not far from where they are.  Jenny looks at Reginald, then back to Walter.  “Hold on Wally, we are going to get you something to make you feel better.”  Jenny darts back to Reginald.  “Hey Reg, run over to that tree,” Jenny points to the tree she was staring at earlier, “and grab the berries at the end of that branch.”  Reginald is stunned by her request. 

                “But he was so mean to me earlier.  I don’t want to help him now.  It serves him right for picking on me,” Reginald stands with his paws on his hips. 

                Jenny turns to and motions to Walter, “But look at him.  He is in so much pain.  If you were in his paws, wouldn’t you want somebody to help?”  Reginald thinks for a moment. 

                “Ok, Jenny I’ll help.  The berries on that tree right,” Reginald points to the tree.  Jenny nods her head.  Reginald dashes over to the tree and rushes up to the branch where the berries are dangling.  Jenny and Walter watch as Reginald makes it to the berries in no time.  All the while, Walter winces at that pain. 

                Reginald grabs the berries and waves them above his head, signaling to Walter and Jenny that he got them.  Jenny smiles.

                Just then, Jenny and Reginald hear the sound of the branch beginning to snap.  Jenny yells to Reginald, “Reg, get off of there now.”  Reginald looks down the branch to see that he has mere moments before the branch breaks.  He looks around to see any other way of escaping.  He spots a tree branch on the other side of the brook.  With time running out, Reginald leaps to the other tree as the branch he was standing on breaks.

                He stretches out his arm trying with all his might to reach for the next branch.  He sees the branch get closer and closer.  His jump was perfect.  His paw clenches the edge of the branch.  The branch gives a little, but springs back to its original place.  A sense of relief rushes over Reginald.  Calm washes over him and he relaxes his muscles.  Just as he relaxes his other paw, he remembered the berries he went to get; Reginald had let go of the berries.  They started plummeting to the ground.  Without a second thought, Reginald jumps after them.

                Jenny gasps.  All she can see is Reginald leaping from the branch.  She jumps forward to try and go after him, but the brook is too wide.  She will not reach him in time.  All she can do is wait helplessly as her new friend crashed down to the forest bed.  Time seemed to stand still.

                Jenny watches as Reginald bounces off of another tree, out of her sight.  She hears the rustle of some leaves behind the tree Reginald disappeared.  She waits.  “Maybe he is ok.  Maybe he landed safe.”  Jenny’s thoughts avoid the worst.  She tried to remain optimistic.  Ten minutes go by and no movement from the other side of the brook.  Jenny sulks back to Walter who is still crying in pain.  She leans over Walter and says, “Reginald is…”  She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Walter interrupts, “I am so sorry,” he could think of nothing else to say.  His pain still unbearable, but the pain of seeing Reginald fall seemed to dull it out some.  Jenny lunges at Walter and they both start sobbing.  Not a single fish moved, nor did a bird chip.  The entire forest is silent, all except the echoes of these two.  They felt all alone.

“Hey, why are you two crying?”

A familiar voice came across the wind.  Jenny and Walter both look up, tears still streaming down their face.

“Reginald,” they exclaim simultaneously.  “B…but how,” cries Jenny.

Reginald replies, “When I let go of the berries I knew I had to go after them so I jumped to grab them without thinking.  I caught them but didn’t have any place to land.  I realized I had jumped straight into another tree.  I started to look around for a branch to grab onto.  I didn’t see anything.  Just before I hit the tree I saw a soft looking bush.  I did the calculations in my head and thought that if I gave myself a push off of the tree I was falling toward I could reach the bush and land safely.  So I tried and made it.”

Jenny jumps up and hugs Reginald.  “That was the craziest thing I have ever seen.  You had me so worried.  But that was also so brave.”

Reginald walks over to Walter and hands him the berries with a sad face.  A few of the berries look to have been squished.  Reginald tells Walter, “S…sorry, I kind of landed on them w…when I fell.”

Walter looked at the berries, then back to Reginald.  “No, I’m sorry.  You risked your life for me and all I did was pick on you.  Why did you do that?”

Reginald responded, “Well if it was me hurt, I would want someone to do all they could to help me.  So I wanted to do everything I could to help you.”

“Thanks,” Walter says just before eating the berries.

“I also got these leaves that soak in the sun to warm your foot.  My mom says that it helps when you hurt yourself,” says Reginald as he wraps Walter’s foot in the leaves.

Soon enough, Walter’s mother comes to get him and take him home.  She thanks Jenny and Reginald for helping her son before they leave.  Jenny looks at Reginald and says, “I should get back home now.  It is getting late.”  Reginald replies, “Yeah, I should be heading home as well.”  As they part ways to go home they wave to each other.

A few weeks later, Jenny was making her way down the brook.  She was excited to race the fish and play by the brook as she always had.

“Hey, wait for me,” she hears from behind her.  It was Reginald meeting Jenny so they could go to the brook together.  “My mom packed us a lunch for today.  She gave me some nuts and oats.  Oh, and she gave me some strawberries, my favorite.”  Jenny smiles at Reginald.  He smiles back to her.  They arrive at the brook happy and bouncing.  Jenny ask, “Hey Reg, let’s race.”  Reginald places the lunches next to a tree and answers, “You’re on.”  They dart off, keeping pace with each other.  Each one running faster and faster neither one of them holding the lead for longer than a stride.  Jenny glances at Reginald.  Reginald glances back at Jenny.  They share a smile.


Both of the racers slam into something falling down.  “Ow, guys that hurt.”  Reginald and Jenny look up to see Walter sitting down rubbing his stomach.  “Sorry Walter,” responds Reginald.  “Yeah sorry Wally,” replies Jenny.  “Since we’re all here, why don’t we share the lunch that my mom made?  It has strawberries,” Reginald says pointing to the lunches under the tree.  Walter face brightens up, “Strawberries are my favorite.”  The three friends they skip over to the tree and have a nice lunch.

And so ends our tale in the forest.  Jenny, Reginald and Walter still go the brook every day to play, true friends one and all.

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